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We found Katie through Kindred Spirits vet clinic and I only wish we had found her sooner. Our 14 year-old Chihuahua had a number of medical issues including slipped knee caps on both hind legs and a collapsing trachea which gave her terrible coughing fits. Both conditions caused very tense muscles. As soon as Katie started working with her, our dog's mobility improved immensely! After each massage, we called our dog a "wet noodle" because she was so relaxed and loose - she would come home and have a nice, long nap! Katie worked with our dog for the last 9 months of her life, almost weekly. Katie knew more about her situation than anyone besides us and her vet. I truly believe that Katie's great work - I consider it physical therapy - with our dog extended her life, giving us a few extra precious months with her. Katie has a true gift and I highly recommend her services. Thanks for everything, Katie! You are the best!

— Amy P.

Kasey, an 11 year old Cavalier, would not be as mobile as she is now if it weren’t for Katie. She has that special touch with animals; she can feel exactly what they need. Kasey’s pain from her arthritis is always much improved after a session at The Right Spot.


Katie works wonders.

— Laura P.

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After noticing Tucker, our 13-year-old lab mix having mobility issues we researched massage and found Katie Mehrtens. Tucker would see Katie 1 to 2 times per month for massage sessions with great results. Tucker had noticeable improvements in mobility after each appointment. Katie showed me some techniques to help Tucker between each session. I believe these massages contributed to Tucker living a longer, more active life. Katie has an amazing touch and we are so lucky to have her helping me and my dogs

— Hallie J.

Bruce, my 16.5 year-old dog gets massages from Katie twice a month and weekly when his arthritis flairs up. Not only has it increased his mobility but also decreased his pain,  both of which have saved me time and money on vet visits and drugs. We have been going for 3 years now and while most dogs at his age can barely move he can go up stairs and scamper around the house and ditch me when I want to bring him inside. I also bring my younger and larger therapy dog after he has been running at the dog park and seems a bit stiff. I have recommended Katie to friends and family and all of them raved about the difference in their dog’s movement and pain. Currently I own 3 dogs and my last three dogs have all benefited from a schedule of massages.  Just like humans, preventative health really makes a difference in the quality of life of your pets.

— Hollie A.

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We began bringing our dog  Danny Boy to Katie 3 months ago…Danny had been limping on and off for the past year…after a variety of inconclusive tests we decided to try massage therapy. Katie has been AMAZING! Right from the start Katie welcomed all of us with open arms (social distancing wise). Katie is extremely warm, comforting, gentle and extremely knowledgeable. It takes a while for Danny Boy to warm up to people but  he quickly felt very comfortable with Katie. He is now able to trot to the door when I say “It’s time to go see Katie!”


He paces the back of my car and wags his tail so excited to spend time with Katie. After his massage, he does not limp as much and he seems looser and relaxed.  He definitely seems to find pain relief and feels better after each visit. Katie is a great resource and has given us great advise and has shared valuable information.  Katie is also following COVID– 19 safety guidelines. We feel so grateful to have discovered Katie and The Right Spot Pet Massage!

— Jackie R.

Katie is the best! She is remarkably patient with the dogs. She has wonderful hands that find that “spot” that is causing trouble and she can smooth and soothe it away. My older dog has chronic back issues and massage keeps her moving. As a matter of fact, when her massage is over, Carlie keeps pushing her way back to Katie’s side to try to get more! We will continue to use Katie for doggie massage forever.

Carlie is almost 16 years old now, she has had a bad back for 10 years but regular massage by Katie has kept her walking and running. Carlie and Isis don't mind the cold!! They get regular massage from Katie and she helps keep their muscles and joints limber, no matter the weather. 

— Jeanie M


We got very lucky the day we found Katie.  Our Brittany is 13 (almost 14) and has arthritis and chronic bronchitis.  Walking is difficult for him because of both problems.  We tried various therapies, rehab and acupuncture without any improvement.  Since he is having regular massages with Katie, his walking is much better.  We can see that his legs are stronger.  Going up and down the stairs is easier too.   Also, when he gets out of the car, he trots (no more running) excitedly to Katie's  massage room and goes right in.  When he is done, he is so calm and content he snoozes all the way home.  thanks, Katie.

— Julie L.

I first met Katie many years ago, and when I adopted Jasper in 2019, I knew scheduling massage appointments with The Right Spot Pet Massage would be the best thing for his body, mind and spirit. My adorable pup has quite a history - five rescues/fosters/homes before Jasper came to mine. As you can imagine, he had a lot of “trust” issues. He also had anxiety and fear related to new people, places, sounds, etc. Katie has been massaging Jasper for nine months, and the changes I see in him are remarkable. There are many physical benefits, and I recognize massage at Right Spot is keeping him strong, healthy, and comfortable. But I really want to highlight all of the benefits to his personality - improved trust, general happiness, reduction of fear, and the ability to calm himself.


When I first adopted Jasper, it took a while for him to look me in the eye, let alone accept my touch. He now trusts Katie so much that he stands or lays and enjoys her massage for a full hour and falls asleep. This is huge! Truly life changing stuff. Jasper is much more balanced - less stressed when riding in the car, and less anxious when he visits new places or people. Our walks are more enjoyable, because he is less reactive or fearful. I can honestly say that not only has Jasper’s quality of life improved since visiting Katie at The Right Spot, but mine has, as well. I’m truly grateful for the services she provides, and it makes me smile every week when I see my boy run in to the studio, excited to see his friend Katie.

— Linda W.


We brought our beloved, then-10-year-old retired-champion-racer/rescue greyhound, Sam, into Katie's practice in Feb. 2017. He was in OK shape but had been suffering from significant neck pain every 3 months or so for the prior two years. (The condition is literally called "greyhound neck," because that breed has the very long neck of, well, a sea serpent!) Formerly, we had to put him on steroids each time this developed, with moderately negative side effects and at moderate expense. But ever since Katie began working on him -- at first, biweekly; more recently (as he now moves through his 15th year! ), weekly -- he has shown NO signs of the condition. What's more, we three have made a great new friend, with whom we enjoy spending 90 minutes a week. Sam greets Katie like the loving -- and exceptionally skilled! -- aunt she is. These treatments are worth the (quite reasonable) expense many times over. Five stars.

- Paul M.

Katie, I wanted to let you know that I think you have helped a Lucy Tremendously!

It's like I have my old dog Back. I cannot tell you how great that feels. She has jumped on the couch several times today and slept on the bed again for the last two nights.


It's funny all the things you don't notice are gone until they come back:

  1. Scratching her ears with her feet

  2. Sleeping a good sound sleep (I stead of constant restlessness)

  3. Seeking closeness and affection

  4. Lying on her side, fully extended

She is no longer begging for food all the time (almost as if this was the only thing that brought her any comfort!). She went on a nice long walk with me last night.
So grateful to you.

PS, she is allowing me to massage her as I think she has figured out that it feels a good!

- Susanne

Workshop Testimonials

I wholehearted recommend Katie Mehrtens’ of The Right Spot Pet Message, pet massage workshops.  I am one of the head instructors at Rainbow Animal Assisted Therapy.  We have had Katie do her massage workshops for our members a few times.  They always fill quickly.  Unfortunately, the one scheduled for April had to be cancelled, leaving many disappointed handlers and dogs.'


Katie’s enthusiasm and love of her work and dogs is evident as soon as she walks in and sees the dogs.  While doing the demonstration of different techniques on a couple of different dogs, Katie explains what she is doing and answers any questions as the handlers massage their dog. 


My dogs are also Katie’s clients and love her.  I take my issue laden large dog to Katie to see if massage can help relax him.  He still has issues, but Katie works with him and he loves her.  The second time we were going, I mentioned Katie and he went right to the door to go to see her.  My older therapy dog goes to Katie to massage his tired old joints and he walks out a little peppier.  They both sleep well after their massage.


— Barb B., Rainbow Animal Assisted Therapy

Katie Mehrtens was a presenter at the 2020 Guide Dog Users, INC. (GDUI) annual convention. Her presentation was delightful! She shared her personal experience of providing massage to canine athletes during the Iditarod. Katie’s enthusiasm and awe of her time in Alaska was palpable.


In addition to speaking about her trip to Alaska she shared information about pet massage generally and gave extremely helpful specific examples. Her explanations were clear, suggestions practical, and descriptions of particular ways of massaging your dog easy to follow.


As the convention coordinator and Program Planning Team lead I found working with Katie to be a pleasure. As one of the audience members during her presentation I was enthralled and motivated to use pet massage to enhance my relationship with my guide dog. I gained a better understanding of the connection between massage and the health of my guide dog; perhaps even causing him to be able to work  longer!

— Andrea Giudice, Convention Coordinator 

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