• Dan Paterno

Massaging Iditarod Dogs–A Dream Come True!

I recently followed a dream and went to Alaska in February/March 2020 to massage some Iditarod sled dogs. Funny thing is, I only realized I had this dream when I went to Alaska in June 2019 and visited a musher’s kennel. Not only did I go on a summer sled ride, but also interacted with all of the dogs and learned about the intensive journey of an Iditarod musher. Incredible!

While in Alaska, I was thrilled to get some publicity about my visit and working with the mushers and their dogs.

Below are the videos from my TV appearances.

In the first video I was interviewed by Michelle White for a CBS Special at Blue on Black Kennel in Willow, AK.

In this second video I was interviewed by Dave Goldman for the special Iditarod in Focus 2020 which aired the Friday before the Iditarod (3/5/20)

I hope you enjoy these two short videos because I sure enjoyed doing them and now sharing them!

A huge thank you to David Viggiano, Michelle White, and Dave Goldman!

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