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My (Not-So) Secret Anxiety Reducing Essential Oil Blend

I love essential oils, but I am definitely not an expert. I love learning about, smelling, and using them, but I sure couldn’t teach a class on them. However, I do use essential oils in my home, around my dogs, and only occasionally use them in my massage practice. Ahh, but read on!

I don’t believe there is any one oil that works for everything or everyone, pets included. Like us, I believe pets should be given the opportunity to choose oils they like themselves. I tend to to bring the oil to my dogs to smell, and watch to see how they react to each individual oil or blend.

My younger dog has some fear and anxiety issues. I love lavender and know that it is beneficial for relaxation and calming. This would be great for my girl, right?! Wrong! When I brought the lavendar over for her to smell, you would have thought I brought her something awful! She turned away immediately and walked away, looking back at me as if I had really insulted her. Well, OK then… I have a friend who has two cats. She told me that one day out of nowhere, they started peeing on the clean laundry. As this went on for a bit (yikes!), my friend had the sudden realization that she had changed to a new detergent with a lavender scent in it. When she changed back to an unscented detergent, the issue stopped. The moral? Introduce new scents to your pets – before adding them to your laundry! 🙂

A Custom Blend For My Dogs

I recently took a class focusing on essential oils and pets. In this class, we had the opportunity to create a custom blend for our pet(s). So, I created (with some expert help!) a great blend to help ease my girl’s anxiety (and my senior boy’s “old-age crabbies!”). When I presented it to my dogs to smell, no turning away! Both of them even lingered for a couple of seconds to breathe it in.s I now spray this blend in rooms, and I truly believe my girl’s anxiety decreases and my senior boy seems a bit lighter. I have also sprayed this blend in the room or even lightly on myself prior to a massage session, and again, I believe that some of my more anxious clients relax a bit more. I have to admit, when I’m feeling a bit stressed, I spray myself and always feel better!

Here is my recipe, enjoy!

Please Note: *In this blend I used essential oils from Snow Lotus. The information listed under each oil is from their website. It is just a brief synopsis of the many benefits of each oil. There are many wonderful essential oil companies out there…use what oils you like. **I used the .25 oz bottle from Flower Essence Services Personal Note: I am not endorsing any one company or product. I am sharing what I used because oils from different companies may have slightly different scents. I have purchased oils from different companies, but because I had such great results with my original blend (created in a class), I chose to use the same essential oils from the class.

If you try this blend, I hope you have some great results with it!

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